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Can Tantra and other therapy help couples?

Updated: Feb 13

Tantra Journey for couples

Can Tantra really helps couples? Tantra teaches us that we can love in unique ways beyond what we've learned from our families or the media. When a couple grasps the true essence of love, it fosters a lasting bond that helps them tackle any difficulties.

I Jennifer Surch an experienced counsellor, according to my studies Tantra therapy can be good for couples. As love guides us through challenges, providing nourishment and leading us to happiness. He believes Tantra offers a path to unconditional love.

Tantric therapy for couples stands apart from conventional couples therapy as it operates on a profound level. Traditional therapy often mirrors instinctual animal mating, lacking consciousness.

In contrast, Tantric therapy delves into the understanding and manipulation of universal energies, approached with mindfulness and sacred intentions.

At its core, Tantra focuses on the study and mastery of energy flow. In Tantric therapy for couples, the emphasis lies in controlling and directing this energy during intimacy.

Through Tantric practices, both men and women can learn to achieve prolonged org@sm lasting anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes, far surpassing the typical 20-second climax. These extended orgasms are deeply blissful and healing, fostering bodily rejuvenation and strengthening the bond between partners.

With my years of experienced guiding and helping couples, I Jennifer Surch a counselor specializing in couples therapy, I emphasize two key aspects of the process:

  1. Delving into the past: In couples therapy, we often explore your past experiences to gain insight into your fears, motivations, and behaviors within the relationship. This examination can help uncover unresolved conflicts that continue to impact your present dynamic.

  2. Emphasizing solutions: Together, we work towards resolving issues by addressing negative behavior patterns and emphasizing the positive aspects of your relationship. By focusing on solutions, we aim to foster growth and enhance the quality of your partnership.

 I emphasize the importance of effective communication and healthy conflict resolution in relationships. Rather than solely focusing on reducing conflict, couples undergoing counselling often concentrate on enhancing communication skills to navigate disagreements constructively. In this way they can slowly learn to tackle the issue and navigate the therapy. Through couples therapy, individuals learn targeted techniques to actively listen to their partner, allowing space for open expression. While maintaining objectivity during heated moments can be challenging, developing the ability to communicate thoughts and feelings in a healthy manner on a regular basis lays a strong foundation for a thriving relationship. A successful therapy should be by helping both couples do their job to make it work. Be open minded with your partners issues It is beneficial to examine your values, thoughts, and beliefs alongside your partner's. Identifying areas of alignment and disconnection can shed light on potential underlying issues. Differences in values, in particular, may be at the core of certain concerns. Take a moment to understand why your partner is upset, setting aside your own emotions temporarily. Are they feeling unheard, unloved, or disrespected? By stepping into your partner's shoes and recognizing their behavior patterns, you can gain valuable insights into their perspective.

Understanding the argument from your partner's point of view can cultivate empathy and facilitate effective communication. With the guidance of a licensed therapist, this approach to psychotherapy can help address immediate relationship challenges and establish lasting solutions that enhance communication, interaction, and expressions of love for both partners.

In couples therapy, sessions typically involve both partners together. However, there may be instances where your therapist meets with each of you individually before or after joint sessions to address any feelings or concerns that you may not feel comfortable expressing in front of your partner. Through these individual sessions, your therapist gains insight into your relationship dynamics, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Your therapist may also serve as a neutral mediator, offering guidance and support as you navigate conflicts together. In some cases, you and your partner may also have individual therapists, and you might choose to bring topics discussed in individual therapy sessions into your couples therapy sessions, although this is ultimately your decision.

Are Online Therapy Really Effective?

Online therapy, facilitated by licensed therapists or counselors, can be highly effective in addressing immediate relationship challenges and fostering long-term solutions for communication issues. Research indicates that couples counseling, whether conducted in person or online, is effective in reducing relationship distress and enhancing relationship satisfaction.

For instance, a study involving 300 real-life couples demonstrated the efficacy of online therapy for couples or marriage counseling. This research suggests that online platforms offer a viable solution for couples seeking support and guidance in their relationships.

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